Here it is! ^^;

10 Facts About My Room

  1. It’s neon green.
  2. I have a pink owl-patterned bedspread.
  3. I have two walk in closets.
  4. I have my own personal bathroom.
  5. I use my vanity as my desk, and my desk as my vanity.
  6. I have a T.V. in there that doesn’t even work.
  7. I have two posters of SNSD & KARA to the right of my bed.
  8. I have a Big Bang, SHINee, and 2PM poster to the left of my bed.
  9. My room is as large as the master bedroom.
  10. I have three really big bay windows.

9 Facts About My Family

  1. My mom asks me, “Anything funny on Tumblr?” or “Why aren’t you Tumblr Famous yet?” a lot.
  2. My parents are retired chefs and work a different job now.
  3. My dad’s a retired pastor.
  4. My dad’s a religious book author.
  5. We also own a donut shop.
  6. My brother helps my dad lose weight, since my brother’s a trainer.
  7. We also own a resort.
  8. My mom really likes Sexy And I Know It, My Hump, and other rather inappropriate songs.
  9. All of my aunts are below 4 feet 11.

8 Facts About My Body - Refer back to my answer to the anon

7 Facts About My Childhood

  1. I was a crybaby.
  2. I really liked Barbie dolls.
  3. We lived in the ghetto.
  4. I was dressed up a lot since I was the only little girl in a while.
  5. I liked to dress up on Rodeo Day.
  6. My favorite game was Paint. 8D
  7. Wait, maybe my favorite game was Teacher. Or Tea Party.

6 Facts About My Hometown - I don’t really remember much, since I didn’t live there long. ^^;

5 Facts About My Best Friend(s)

  1. Jessica is super shy, and super quiet, but once you get to know her, she’s really witty. It can really make you laugh.
  2. She’s really ditzy too.
  3. Suzanne is really perverted.
  4. At the beginning of the year, Suzanne made sure to sit next to me in every class that she had with me, so that she could cheat off of me for tests. She still does that. And she texts me when she can’t see my answer document.
  5. Jessica’s house is HUGE. I remember when I first thought she lied to me when she told me her street name was my ooc name. It really is. ^^;

4 Facts About My Parents - I don’t feel like answering this when I included a lot in the family one. ^^;; Mian~

3 Facts About My Personality

  1. I hate showing others when I’m upset, so often times, I keep up a barrier that seems like I’m really happy, when really I’m not.
  2. I think that sometimes I’m too outgoing or talk too much, and lately, I’m afraid that annoy people when I constantly talk to them.
  3. I can’t work well in group projects, because I want to do everything, and I want to make everything perfect. I just want to do all the work, and most times, I am the one to do all the work.

2 Facts About My Favorite Things

  1. I really like fuzzy blankets.
  2. I really like short legged dogs.

1 Fact About The Person I Like

  1. He lives on the other side of the world.